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I've had a re-think about your Cabos problem and why it works on one Win 10 and not the other. Presumably your older computer inherited the same permissions when upgrading to Windows 10. There might be a new security feature in Windows 10 that affects unknown apps. MacOSX has had something similar for the past 5 years, where 3rd party developers need to pay a fee & have their app go through a licensing process for their app to be recognised automatically by the system as being a safe app to open.
Another aspect to this is if the original program hash changes to that of what the system has recorded for it. This could have changed if you updated the Cabos hostiles file which is stored within the Cabos application folder.

Googling the problem I came across Windows 10 Apps Won't Open: Full Guide to Fix (ignore the sub-link advertisements at beginning & sides of the article.) I would recommend you consider backups, etc. before you try anything like this, if you consider it that is.

Other findings:
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