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Well I for one sure wouldn't mind these .nfo files, you see as trash. They contain info about ripping method i.e. I would very much prefer an .mp3 file converted using LAME from a .wav ripped using EAC rather that WMP.

Same way as an .m3u would list exact file names used on the CD to .mp3 release.

So there are two of you listed file types, that actually have a purpose.

Scene and torrents are two very different things. Scene rules specifically list how a release should look and should always be kept intact. You can share whatever your heart desires using torrents.

So asking that Shareaza blocks the listed file types from being shared on G1 is pretty much the same as saying scene is unwanted i.e. alienate every scene fanboy. Would make the scene happy I'm sure.

Or would you prefer there is no Shareaza at all on G1?

I read both your OP and reply several times and may have completely misunderstood. Or read things into what you wrote, that weren't the intention.
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