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I totally agree such files can work well with Torrents. It can also work with the DC network 'if' the host's directory structure is set up properly. Otherwise it becomes a finding a needle in a haystack scenario. I recall seeing both good & bad (messy/totally unorganised) directory structures back in the days I used DC.

Such files are not necessarily appropriate for G1, G2 or some other networks. With these particular networks there is no structure to bind the files together.

Also, the files need to be named appropriately. Finding a random m3u, info, etc. files are meaningless. There needs to be a method of linking what files belong to them. From what I could see with the ShareAza shared files I found with Gnucleus the other day, this was not the case.

Also, VOB files have a tendency to have a generic name & numbering which is also meaningless as to what content they actually contain unless they have been custom named. Tag descriptions made within the program are artificially pseudo (unless ID3 or file-tagged such as images potentially can be but rarely are) and not transferable across the G1 network. They simply help to describe what the files are in search results. More often than not, they are usually not described in detail for the G1 network.

Thus, the topic mentioned files I was seeing with Gnucleus were mostly meaningless.
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