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Greetings & Salutations! I wish to update my post of 4 years ago. I have finally been released from NYS prison. I was unjustly convicted of 5 counts of possessing cp. I went to trial & lost due to not having competent attorney work. I now am a RSO in NYS. I am currently appealing this conviction. I am told it will take a long time. I consider myself very smart, but I mistakenly had faith in our CJ system. I didn't think an innocent person could be convicted. So, I live & learn. Please check files as soon as they complete, if you can. If you can't right away move them to non shared file folder till you can examine them. Again CYA! The CJ system wants headlines & press, not justice. I can't give details now due to appeal. I will fill you in @ a later date. Just be aware law enforcement will only examine shared your files. They will also first try to download them from you, & if successful they will charge you with disseminating cp as well. safe surfing all!
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