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Default GUI is messing up now

OK Here's the background
1. Win 7 ULT - SP1 - current updates, Admin account,
2. Win Firewall only,
3. 4 GB Ram, 2.5 ghz CPU W/ 6 MB Cache - display 1920 x 1200,
4. 500 GB master HD C: - 100GB avail,
5. TWC 30MB Cable internet,
6. Thier equipment,
7. From Home,
8. Wireshare 5.6.5, Java 8.121 b13,
9. Time Warner Cable, I also use Ares & BitComet,
10. FYI - Geforce GT 8700M dual 512MB video,
11. no,
12. New problem with experienced Ultrapeer,
13. no - N/A,
14. UPnP,
15. NO AV / Antispyware - spywareblaster - spybot S&D - Winpatrol - IOBIT,
16. USA,
17. No changes to report.
So here goes, I am using the classic interface. When loaded the font
is now extremely small. After a time & all of a sudden I am losing the status
bar between the search & Transfer windows. The labels on the right side of the
transfer window is in a blue shaded box. I have totally removed wireshare &
re-installed to no effect. I moved incompletes folder beforehand to another
folder. Finished ones go to another drive already. I used IOBIT Uninstaller to
remove all files. I have done a registry scan & clean. I run IOBIT ASC 10 on a
regular basis. I also defrag all HDs (4, 2 - 500GB, 2TB, 3TB) regularly.
Please help.
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