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Read this whole post before trying things. Perhaps even the last suggestion of deleting the settings might be the better thing to try first.

I don't know if this will help but is probably worth a try.
Try re-installing with administrator permissions; right-click the installer & choose Run as Admin.
If same issues, find the WireShare application, right-click to get Properties & change the compatibility mode. There will be several to choose from. Make sure Privilege Level is set to Admin.

There is also an option to Disable visual themes. Not sure that would make any difference. It's disabled by default on mine.

Is there any possible change to your computer system that's occurred prior to this problem beginning that might be related? Installing or updating of drivers, system, security software?

If the above does not work then another thing to try is to delete your WireShare settings. Make a back-up of wireshare.props, library.dat, library5.dat, and downloads.dat prior to deleting the folder. Re-install WireShare but do not Run WS after installation. Find the WS settings folder & return the original backed up files. Then open WireShare.

To find the settings folder, go to Start menu & type/paste in %appdata% and open Roaming. Then find WireShare settings folder.
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