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Originally Posted by luvs2draw View Post
1. Program locks up when I try and change to download folder where I would like my download's to go
Java bugs were inherent in all the LimeWire 5 versions including LW Pirate Edition but from memory the change-download-location bug was a LimeWire 5.4 and later bug due to a change in the menu system. Try WireShare instead as this and some other bugs have been fixed. WireShare is a progression version released to replace the LimeWire Pirate Edition 5.6.2 which was developed from the LW 5.6.1 beta release. So WireShare is simply a renamed continuation of the same project but under a different group of open source developers.

If you install WireShare instead you can uninstall both LimeWire and the Java Fix.

Originally Posted by Info for Gnutella.doc
In Tools>.Advanced Tool> shows I am not behind a Firewall.
Very good! In that case port forwarding is probably not necessary. However you could try setting up a unique rule but this depends on brand and model of router as to how easy that might be if it's possible.

If you're using this at work then I'm guessing not multi-day sessions. For super long sessions port forwarding is reliable whereas UPnP can become unreliable & totally stop working for the remainder of that session.

Originally Posted by Info for Gnutella.doc
(LimeWire) Version 2
Version 2? Wow that's the version I started with back in 2002. It's obsolete for using on the network these days, technology surpassed; not sure be able to connect to any hosts whatsoever.

I would be interested to see how things improve after you install WireShare if you are willing to try.
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