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Default Re: bandwidth ineffiency problem

Originally posted by Unregistered
I've just installed gtk-gnutella 0.85 and noticed it's a bandwidth hog even when I'm not transferring anyfiles (upload/download). Connections are set to min 3 and max 5.
In comparison, when I tested gnucleus on windoze, hardly any data was transferred when there was no upload/download.

BTW. What is the meaning of "push route lost"
and Force push mode?
Here is a simple explanation-

A push is something which is required when you are trying to connect to another user who is behind a fire wall or otherwise restricted.
These are people who are not able to answer you directly - They must "call you back". If the route for making this "push" is lost or times out, you will receive the message saying so.

This should also explain why two users who are both behind firewalls cannot connect in any normal fashion.
'You call me, but I must call you back....... I call you back, but you must call me back and on and on

'Restricted otherwise' would include dial-up modem users who will have a dynamic IP, meaning it changes (probably) with every new connection to their ISP - In this case, which is very common, you will also receive the no push route message.

This is why it is important for both you and the Network to minimize the delay between receiving search results and initiating your downloads. In other words, do not do a search and spend an hour selecting what you want. The shorter the time between searching and starting a download, the better the chances of a successful download. Remember that the Network is US - - - We switch off, we crash, we BSOD, we do other things which require exiting sharing programs - this is happening all over the world all of the time with US - When that magic file you have been searching for pops up, grab it as fast as possible and if you have no success within a day (maximum) than do a re-search. Imagine how much more open the traffic flows would be on the Gnutella Network if people did not leave downloads in queue for weeks at a time when the file they want was from someone with a dynamic IP? It is pure chance whether they will ever connect to the correct IP but the network is flooded with these requests continuously.

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