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Originally Posted by sleepybear91 View Post
A follow-up on this, 5.6.6 has increased my connections probably 5 times over the version. Big difference!
Plus, I used the maximum filtering with total Japanese block setting. I'm hooking up with hosts super quickly and when
there's a drop, A new one will fill in immediately just like LW did in 2009.
Good to hear!

Personally I am not sure the full Japanese block is necessary these days. Due to the automatic blocking of a few types of BOTs added during my time working directly with the WireShare project, the only other hostiles are mostly or totally blocked via the hostiles file of which WireShare 5.6.6 updates periodically. That's after I eventually discovered the Japanese Browse-BOTs ID's and sources. I suggested to Big_jx last year it is probably time to remove the Japanese full-block hostiles version(s).

As far as connections go, if you really do have a bad day with WireShare finding connections, try removing (not necessarily deleting) the file from the WireShare settings folder before opening the program or closing the program down (make sure not still in Tray or Dock), removing the file then re-opening the program. A boot file will then be downloaded by the program as it's started for WireShare to connect with.

If not sure about the WireShare settings folder, for Windows: Search > type %appdata% into the text field.
Alternatively see but replace the word limewire for wireshare.
MacOSX: OSX > Users > Account Name > Library > Preferences > WireShare.
Or via OSX Terminal: open ~/Library/Preferences/WireShare
Linux: CD ~/.WireShare
(if Ubuntu): nautilus ~/.WireShare

But do not delete the entire folder or the file at this point.
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