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Default "Free To Rock" Documentary

The information on this show is imperative for anyone involved in Rock and Roll music. It shows a pivotal point in power on this earth. Myself living in North America all my life, had no idea of what the real story of the true end of the Cold War was really caused by. Here during the Reagan years, the news media gave most of the credit to political discussions between Gorbachev and U.S. I can remember Billboard Magazine and other periodicals that came to the stations I worked for reporting large concerts with Elton John, Billy Joel and Cyndi Lauper that gathered millions of people at the western side of the Berlin wall. When the concerts set up their equipment, they pointed the majority of their speakers high atop scaffolding pointed east into East Berlin. We never heard much more than that though on our media. This documentary fills in those blanks 30 years later. Oh how I wish I could have worked in Holland for a year or two, or at least have attended one of those concerts! This documentary shows the 250,000 watt Russian directional transmitters who blocked the free land rock stations signals and the concert attendees who took the first sections of the wall down. With 3 million people in full rock and roll mode the KGB agents quietly walked away. ~ BWA slpybr
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