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Default MacOSX Java version workaround

The last official release of Phex for MacOSX uses the java 5 or 6 stub within the app. This of course is incompatible with later version java. The java stub could also be problematic running within different OSX versions which may use a different java 6 variation.

Running Phex under any version of Java:

One solution to the Java 5 or 6 Stub problem is to use the: universal version. This version will call whichever version of Java exists on the system including Java 7 or 8 or probable later java version. Only inconvenience is opening the program via the phex.jar file within the program lib folder.

MacOSX Java version workaround-java8-phex.png

(Just my thoughts: Phex really needs to be re-compiled on OSX with a newer java (JDK) version with backward java version compatibility for creating the starter app. Alternative is for the app to simply point to the file in lib (renamed Resources to match OSX application protocol.) Creating the app pointer can potentially be done manually with help of Unix perm's & commands.)
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