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Originally Posted by sleepybear91 View Post
Under advanced tools in WireShare, I am wondering if there is anyway to tell if a host actually has music files?
Unfortunately no.
Originally Posted by sleepybear91 View Post
Also the hosts that I have seen in the past that have helped me and do not pop back in after getting disconnected, Is there a way to invite them back in and stay there?
Not that I'm aware of. Although sharing of similar files can traditionally help in re-finding them in one way or another. Connections are their own thing with its own logic! Hosts may drop-off either because they have dropped off the network or due to other reasons. That might be due to one of them not responding to pings, or because they are connected as a leaf and have dropped connections (usually down to two UP's or one for some programs such as Gnucleus) due to no searches occurring within a period of time. I guess there's also the small chance the host has manually removed connected UPs. Some ultrapeers (UPs) may have been connected to your program within a casual slot and not a full-time slot. Keep in mind the Lime code programs have 27 full-time UP slots and 5 casual slots. The modern programs often use a reconnect process where the peer might reconnect after a period of time.

None of the Lime-code based programs list hosts shared files in the host connection window. For the programs that do, if there is no total shares listing it's most likely because the host is firewalled. Such firewalled hosts would be nigh impossible to browse; AFAIK it is not possible to browse firewalled hosts.

WireShare Host Connections-hosts-showing-shares.png Example of hosts connections - shares or not.

As you probably know, with LW4 and some of the LW clones you could do direct connect searches. WireShare does not possess this function/tool. It's one of those things I missed after LW 5 was released. It's a tool I used frequently and kept a list of hosts I wished to reconnect to. Often because they were outside the standard search horizon.

One of the issues with Direct Connect searches and retaining addresses for any length of time these days is that unlike last decade where majority of people used static addresses, these days a very high percentage of people use some form of dynamic addressing where their address might change anywhere between one or more times a day up to once every few years or at random intervals.

The only option I can think of is the manual connection option in the advanced tools window. If you can obtain their ip address then try this. However that might only work if the host is connected as a UP and has free slots (and your program does too.) Also, if the host was a UP and re-connected it might take the host an hour or longer before becoming a UP again. This is standard for most programs unless average up-time (average session time) is super-high.
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