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Thanks LOTR That explains a lot then.
I am wondering if the pinging process works ALL the time though? Because some sessions go hours with hosts never dropping, finding later they had nothing.

Yes I miss LimeWire's direct connections. They were pretty dependable and saved a lot of time file searching. I wonder if any of those hosts are still out there ? (I've saved a few addresses)

The only I can think of is the manual connection option in the advanced tools window. If you can obtain their ip address then try this. However that might only work if the host is connected as a UP and has free slots (and your program does too.) Also, if the host was a UP and re-connected it might take the host an hour or longer before becoming a UP again. This is standard for most programs unless average up-time (average session time) is super-high.

So you are talking about the "ADD A CONNECTION" box?
"PORT" and "USE TLS" then? I have never had it work without it completely be an all numbered address, like 33.33.978.8655 etc. If you use any alphabet it will just flash blank.
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