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Originally Posted by sleepybear91 View Post
...So you are talking about the "ADD A CONNECTION" box?
"PORT" and "USE TLS" then? I have never had it work without it completely be an all numbered address, like 33.33.978.8655 etc. If you use any alphabet it will just flash blank.
None of the lime code based programs are coded for ipv6. So alpha characters are non applicable. I know near to nothing about ipv6 and don't even know or remember if it uses alpha characters.

Oh I think I've just realised what you are referring to. You need to disable the resolving of ip addresses. Otherwise you are instead trying to connect via hostname and not a specific ip address. Hostname addresses are not valid for manual connections. LW4 & I suspect also the LW clones do not have that option to disable the resolving of ip addresses.

I have had success with the adding of ip addresses. Not frequently but it does work. If the host is online and is an ultrapeer and has free peer & leaf slots then it is connectable. But keep in mind the host (if it is an ultrapeer) might not have any available connection slots at that particular moment in time. The manual adding of hosts has worked for me using lime code programs including WireShare, as well as Phex and BearShare, and if my memory is correct also Gnucleus.

If you use TLS then it becomes a more restrictive connection attempt. I personally don't bother using it. I know I've tested it out but probably gave up on it because the TLS approach appeared to be a hindrance rather than of assistance. In theory the opposite should be true if trying to connect to GTK-G, LimeWire, FrostWire, WireShare, Cabos or Acqlite.
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