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Originally Posted by birdy View Post
I haven't heard Linda Ronstadt's version before. I like Sarah McLachlan's version. Half the world has probably covered River
Super!, thank you for mentioning Sarah McLachlan ever doing that. I'd completely forgot. I knew I had the "Wintersong" CD at one time so I looked everywhere in my house and found it under a dusty stack of misplaced CDs. Did not remember she ever sang River! And it's a great one, little smoother than Ronstadt's even. So thanks for mentioning that. Ron Dante, Chris Isaak, Tommy James (Shondells), Amy Grant and a 17 song REQ Speedwagon album are all fairly new that I've added recently I can recommend, Plus a hillarious William Shatner album is good that is out. I am hoping the Corrs will soon put out one also.

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