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It's difficult not to sound pessimistic but there is not much in the way of BearShare hosts I can add to the host file installer.

1. Not many BearShare users on the network and likewise not many BearShare ultrapeers.
2. Always new users who give the program a try and then don't return.
3. Hosts that use dynamic addresses. A large percentage of what might be considered the most regular BearShare users either have (a) highly dynamic addresses that change daily or (b) bottom-end sticky dynamic with address lifespans of 3 or 6 weeks or (c) use VPN or proxy services where their address changes every session, sometimes up to 3 times over a 24 hour period.
4. Anywhere between 50 to 80% of BearShare Beta users are always firewalled. Neither BearShare or any other program will save such hosts to a host file. Another downside is any host starting a new session that sends them a firewall test ping will get a false-positive result and their BearShare thinks it is firewalled when in reality the program is not. This false-positive can have a negative impact upon the host's connections.
Unlike the modern programs, BearShare only sends out test packet messages once every hour to other hosts to check whether it is firewalled.
Also a firewalled BearShare beta user acts like just that, a wall stopping many network messages such as search queries from other members of the network including returning results when the BS host is in the middle of the ultrapeer search chain. A firewalled ultrapeer is a dud ultrapeer.

The following is what someone should see when using BearShare in ultrapeer mode:
Problems with BearStart-bearshare-non-firewalled.png
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