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I noticed there's also Ivan's Shareaza project. with a vendor code of RAZI instead of RAZA. Does that mean the main Shareaza dev has taken his own route? Last code update about ten months ago. Might help explain why there's been no Shareaza updates for the main project for a while, something I also noticed.

Is it possible to disable Envy's ability to ultrapeer for G1 within the default code? The G1 support for the majority of G2 clients is almost stone age and adds dramatically to the overhead of the G1 network. For over 15 years there's unfortunately been no work to upgrade the G1 support for these clients. Removal of the G1 ultrapeer ability would also notably reduce overhead for each Envy user that chooses the G1 ultrapeer option.

Whenever anybody offers a suggestion to upgrade G1 support for raza and its clones or modify it to remove the UP ability, G2 people appear to turn their heads the other way or make up excuses. I've noticed that since the days of the original Shareaza forum when a fellow forum moderator pointed to such responses over time.

I am aware most G2 devs have a low opinion of G1, but there are a lot of Shareaza, Peerproject or Envy users that utilise the G1 network. Something they should not ignore, despite their own 'personal' discriminations. ie: the population of Shareaza/Envy users utilising G1 makes its own bold point.
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