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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post

I think it's a bit early to ask at this point but it would be nice if there were view options for shared files.

I've been thinking of a tree-based representation, but it wouldn't be the default. Reason is, the JTree structure is much slower than JTable and if there are many shared files (as in tens of thousands) the gui would get very slow. I will add it at some point though.

1. How important is firewalling in both i2p and with Muwire?
As far as MW is concerned nobody is firewalled, because you can reach any MW node regardless of their physical firewall-ness status. But for i2p, if you are firewalled you will participate much less in the network and hence get much less cover traffic, which is worse for anonymity. So it's a good thing to not be firewalled.


I'm not sure how much relevance UDP has with i2p since afaik i2p is mostly tcp based.
The I2P router uses UDP when available (the number of "SSU" connections are actually UDP connections to other I2P nodes). As usual, UDP is slightly faster and lower overhead than TCP.


I've noticed Muwire does not prompt to be added to the OSX firewall exceptions.
Agreed that having this ability is important, but it requires me to write native code and I'm not particularly good at that. Nevertheless I hope to get to it at some point.

2. How often does MW check the firewalling status?
Checking is outsourced to the I2P router which checks shortly after startup and then on average every 13 minutes.


3. Search extra hop - does this put extra strain on the network? I'm guessing this is a very rough equivalent of OOB?
This setting is relevant only if "allow only trusted connections" is enabled. What happens is that if you allow only trusted connections, MW will only connect to those whom you have marked as "TRUSTED". In order to prevent your queries reaching untrusted nodes, in trusted mode queries travel one fewer hop. The "extra hop" setting overrides this behavior. See this GitHub ticket for a discussion on the issue

4. Are id3 or equivalent tags used in any way in regards to advertising files?
From what I can ascertain from your earlier answer, only the literal filenames are used.
At the moment no id3 tags or other metadata (like comments) is used when searching, and it's not trivial to do so. Sure, I can copy/paste the id3 parsing from LW, but the underlying plumbing requires some more in-depth changes and design decisions.
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