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Is there a how to or other descriptive page for how to use Muwire?
Not yet, I'm hoping someone will contribute one because I'm not the best person to write such page - to me everything is intuitive enough and that's just not the case for new users.

What is a Watched Directory
A watched directory is monitored for file changes (like new files added or existing ones deleted) and those get reflected in the shared files list. However, I decided just a few hours ago that this is too confusing and clutters the UI, so I'll get rid of that panel very soon and make every shared directory a "watched" one.

...contextual menus that describe what a particular tool does when you hover your cursor overtop the tool button...
They're coming at some point, thanks for the suggestion!

I've been thinking of a tree-based representation
I just finished writing this few hours ago! If you feel like building from source you can give it a test-drive. Otherwise I expect to have 0.5.0 out in the next few days.
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