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Default Uploads

Finally witnessed an upload.
Would it be possible to add upload speeds per file and overall?

The upload process reminds me of how Phex and BearShare display uploads, listing in regards to pieces; once a piece is uploaded the upload vanishes for between a fraction of a second to a second and starts a fresh piece. Watching uploads in Phex confused me for several years (mainly because more than one listing of same upload might be visible simultaneously but not the only reason.)

MuWire - an anonymous P2P app-muwireupld-2019-10-26.gif
The sample image is over a period of a couple of minutes.

But I have no idea whether I'm uploading at 5 KB/s or 500 KB/s.

The bandwidth setting is not super clear. It is not clear whether inbound and outband bandwidth is to do with overheads or uploads and downloads or a combination. Either way it seems a little odd that a restart is required after changing the bandwidth settings (unless it is inclusive of overheads.)

An ability to change upload (and download) bandwidth on the fly with immediate effect would be beneficial if this is possible. Also upload slot control. What happens if 400 people suddenly wanted to download from me?

I would also like to eventually see the ability (option) to retain upload listings rather than the default of removing their listing once completed.

Also the Library does not list what files might have been uploaded or search hits in either Tree or Table mode.

I'm a little confused about finding two Muwire (same version) downloads in the Download window. Is this some kind of network distribution for updates? But why two?
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