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Default Possible Library bug

I decided to shutdown overnight. Upon re-opening I discovered mp3's had found their way into my library shares. I am guessing this might have been due to some changeover process during the update?

On one hand I had added some folders and removed the mp3's and AIFFs. Later version I drag & dropped specific files from folders. For MW to add the entire folder's contents suggests a possible problem? I needed to go through and remove the mp3's from almost every folder. The more recently added files (& their folders) were unaffected. It's my estimation the problem was with the original files I added to shares.

Here's the ugly part. I discovered folders I had never added to shares under the same parent directory. For example a folder called Unknown.

Originally Posted by zlatinb View Post
Yes, those are the in-network updates, but there shouldn't have been two of the same file. It's probably a bug.
Both downloads were identical size, only difference was different number of hosts downloaded from.
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