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Default Real versus fake id 2020

Flying with a REAL ID
REAL ID starts in less than a year.
Beginning October 1, 2020, every air traveler 18 years of age and older will need a
REAL ID-compliant driverís license, state-issued enhanced driverís license, or another acceptable
form of ID to fly within the United States.

Check for the star.
REAL ID-compliant cards are marked with a star at the top of the card. If youíre not sure, visit
our website on how to obtain a REAL ID compliant card.

For info by state, including where to obtain a REAL ID, visit the ALL GENUINE DOCUMENTS REAL ID website and click your
state on the map.

Note: Legacy Ohio driverís licenses have a gold star marking on the card, however REAL ID compliant
Ohio driverís licenses have a black cut-out star. If you are not sure whether your card is compliant,
contact the Ohio driverís license issuing agency.
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