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That depends upon both the print resolution of your printer and the resolution of your image you wish to print. The higher print resolution might help fill in gaps or appear to be slightly more refined when a low resolution image is printed but overall a low resolution image will generally not look any better if a higher print resolution is used except possibly use more ink for no particular purpose if there is any difference between printing at the higher or lower resolution. This is because the image has a limitation of pixels (printing at a higher resolution will not create more pixels or lines of information.) Examples of low resolution images might be basic images you find on web pages. Examples of high resolution images includes those taken with a high resolution digital camera or something scanned at high resolution.

High resolution images are a different story, you want the highest resolution possible. Again, being mostly a mac user I am not sure about the intricacies of settings within the Windows world. Sorry for not being more helpful. To make the most of high resolution images to print, a good quality print paper that can handle the higher resolution and detail is recommended. Normally certain printer brands will prefer particular brands (and types) of paper (otherwise the print results are not quite as good; for example the colours might appear slightly different and detail marginally suppressed or ink not apply properly.)
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