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Originally Posted by smaragdus View Post
I am still using WireShare version 5.6.5 since version 5.6.6 had connection problems so I had to switch back to version 5.6.5.
The major difference in version 5.6.6 over version 5.6.5 was the addition of the integrated, auto-updating security feature requested by (and maintained by) Lord of the Rings. This feature was a major improvement to WireShare in terms of security. Just like antivirus software, the security files need updating periodically to protect users from malicious hosts and spammers. Unfortunately, the connection issue that you and others may have had with version 5.6.6 was not due to WireShare itself but was caused by a faulty online security file it had auto-updated to. This issue occurred if you had the "Strong Security" selected and was cause by an empty line in the security file. So, once the problem was identified, the online file was corrected and the issue was resolved.

Originally Posted by smaragdus View Post
I cannot find a way to disable update check on start-up.
Sorry, there is currently no way to disable the update notification at startup. I never considered that some people might prefer to use outdated versions. I will add a "Do not remind me again for this version." option to the next release. You would have to update to it though.

Originally Posted by smaragdus View Post
Has anyone tested version 6.0.0? Is it worth updating?
The major improvement in version 6.0.0 (Windows and Linux) is the code base was updated from 1.6 to Java 1.8 and added openJDK compatibility. The minor improvements made were; removed the Japanese blocking options (requested by LOTR), updated client preferencing, fixed some small bugs, and bundled the Java 1.6 runtime into MacOS app.

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