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Originally Posted by h4x5h17 View Post
... Or maybe we would need new gwebcache updates to support dividing the G1/0.6 retro, G1/0.6 new, and G2.
That's an interesting point. There is a UK based GWebC. that runs a somewhat old version that might be compatible for both old and new.

The older client sections are not displayed within the menu here at gnutella forums but that history has not been removed per se. You need to actually know the urls. (Although most were already hidden before my time by 2004/5. It was a common location for spammers to post.)

I had some enthusiasm for keeping whatever I could find alive by providing what I could. But that was quite a while ago now. But these are just a few of the many gnutella apps that existed. File_Girl had some passion for getting some of these apps working and posted her versions.

What I had provided was Xolox and Gnucleus source codes. Napshare (NapShare's sourceforge page still exists) and Morpheus (closed source.) That's only a very small sample of the early gnutella apps.

What older apps did you have in mind?
Even 10+ years ago most of these apps appeared to be out of circulation.
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