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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
What older apps did you have in mind?
Anything I can get my hands on and fix in whatever way needed.

I suppose the most important apps would be the ones people have fond memories of using.

I actually downloaded from someone using Winmx the other day. They still have a community supporting the old application.

I can't do much with the Mac software, since I have no way to test it.

I can emulate Amiga.

If the app installed crapware, I could probably even work on making a portable app for it, with no crapware.

I guess a list of older apps might help. I could try to hunt them down.

Would the gwebcache you mention prevent any harm being done to the newer network? Or does that even matter. I suppose I didn't even think about the possibility that newer clients would just ignore older ones. I guess maybe the only issue would be newer webcaches ignoring older ultrapeers.

There might be a value in creating a different network for older clients. As an example, less time trying to connect to peers that don't support your client. Or in some cases, Envy doesn't provide search results for old clients that search over tcp. I think that was the issue anyway.
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