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Smile eD2k + G1? Today is possible? Why not?

Translation by Google.
Hello everyone
It was a long time since I entered this forum.
I want to ask you to consider some aspects relating, but not limited to, the functionality of G1 clients and changes in the use of p2p networks by users.
In recent years, number of users on p2p networks has dropped considerably, this has also affected very important networks such as ed2k and torrents, but to a greater extent it has affected less widespread networks such as G1 and Direct Connect.

Taking into account these aspects that I think are incontrovertible, and taking into account the increase in available bandwidth thanks to the fiber that has increased the speed of all networks including those that seemed to be the slowest such as eDonkey (eMule), I arrived at these conclusions:

1) EMule has become a fast client, thanks to the fiber you can reach remarkable speeds and you can quickly download everything you want.
On eMule there is everything, it is the network with the highest number of files shared perpetually, even the rarest.
Despite the drop in users, a very important drop in recent years, those who are left are the true loyalists of the program and among them there are many Big Sharers with over 30,000 files shared per user!
The fact that there are fewer users (many were only leechers) means that there are shorter queues, but I repeat, fiber speed allows them to be easily overcome compared to past years.

2) On G1 network I found discouragement, there is nothing left ...
Generally If you find any files it is thanks to some Shareaza user sharing on ed2k + G1.
G1 blamed heavily on the drop in users, much more heavily than Torrent and Ed2k.
I also found it very difficult to connect as a leaf to network.
I believe that many users disable the ultra-node mode to save resources on internet bandwidth, but now with fiber it is possible to sustain this traffic very well!
On this you should write something on homepage, a plea, "pls not disable the ability to connect as an ultranode to support the network".
You should raise awareness among users to collaborate to make network work well by explaining its benefits for everyone.
Shareaza users should also be sensitized and should enable ability to connect as an ultranode to G1 network.

In conclusion, if change I have talked about is real, why not bring about a network change that is advantageous for both networks in future?
For example, KAD (serverless) network in eMule is obsolete, it allows the share of 3000 files max, while G1 (serverless) network is extremely more efficient!

At this point why not implement eDonkey network in WireShare and gtk-gnutella instead of torrent and G2 and give a strong boost and advantage both networks?

G1 users would have the advantage of being able to have a large number of files preciously kept by eMule users, and eMule users dissatisfied with KAD network could choose WireShare or gtk-gnutella to share their files taking advantage of a serverless network extremely fast and capacitive.

Summarizing my proposal for the future is:

WireShare G1 + eDonkey
gtk-gnutella G1 + eDonkey

If we join forces we can give greater survival and strength and stability to the 2 networks with mutual benefits.
Combine large availability of files with an efficient serverless network. Many eMule users would see an advantage in this.
Thanks in advance for your patience and thanks for your constant work.

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