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Not an easy question to answer. It may depend on both the OS, printer setup and particular type of browser you are using.

One option is to go to the View menu and choose Enter Reader View. This is available in Firefox but not sure about other browsers or how to find the option if they have it. Reader view will remove some of the text formatting and might also help solve the issue such as with line breaks and line/text wrap, and compressing the text into a smaller readable (printable) area.

Do you have the following option in Printer Setup?
Ignore Scaling and Shrink to Fit Page Width
This option is available for me for FireFox and would hopefully solve your problem. (Whereas the option is not available for Safari/Chrome.)

Again, depends on printer setup options but sometimes you can set it to ignore portions of a page such as first 50 pixels/millimetres on left-side of page and/or on the right, top or bottom.
At least on MacOS printer setup allows you to see what is going to be printed and will adjust itself in real time view after any custom changes you make to the printer setup settings.

Another option is to set the page to show as source code. However this may introduce html (or possibly xml) tags, etc. within the text portions.
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