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Originally Posted by Manifest0 View Post

If i'm not mistaken
, when you use a magnet link, the only thing that it does is to do a normal search on the sha1 (it will broadcast the sha1). This is not quite the same thing, for example a e2dk link.
I think the e2dk link was a different system. I vaguely recall Bitzi had references to the e2dk links but was not (fully) compatible with G1, fiddly adjustments needed to be made for it to create a search on G1.

I just confirmed the G1 magnet links incorporate the ip address of the sharer of the file. Not sure how well that would work these days if that host has a highly dynamic address where their address is forced to changed every day or so. So the magnet link is sort of like a direct connect system, a system (the direct connect tool) LimeWire 4 used but was dropped in LimeWire 5 in favor of Friends. At least with LimeWire 4 I believe an actual magnet link file could be created. Cannot recall how to do this if it is possible with the later version.

Edited magnet link: magnet:?&xt=urn:sha1: … filename=http://ip/uri … =urn:guid: …

I recall there were some websites that offered the magnet link system that worked with G1.
Torrents have their own version of magnet links that inevitably additionally contain the tracker info.
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