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Originally Posted by Yoshi128k View Post
My replies keep disappearing, so... can't quite answer.
Sorry, Forum censor was having a field day with some of the topics we were discussing. I must have been half-asleep to not realise I was reading moderated posts.

Keep in mind the network is reliant upon what people share. So if nobody is sharing a particular topic then obviously you won't find it. As previously mentioned, sometimes it is worth trying certain unsuccessful searches at varying points of the day (if possible.)


Try different searches in this order:
artist, album title (unless it's brief), portion of song title (unless it's brief.)

I originally preferred doing an All Types search & then simply filtered it by audio. Else of course you can use the Audio type search. One issue is a percentage of files shared do not have ID3 tags to help with searches, only the file-name gives the clue which is why an All Types search can sometimes bring in a few extra results.

If the artist is a band, sometimes it can be worth doing a gnutella search for the name of the most popular member of the band.
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