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Default So I have another problem.

Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
It can take a while for the incomplete downloads to settle down. If it's a more severe issue of incomplete downloads in "Waiting ... " status for hours then either a restart of the program can be tried. At worst, delete the settings, however ensure you keep the downloads.dat file. Then either manually recreate the WireShare folder in settings and return the downloads.dat file or restart and close down soon after. Once WireShare is closed down, then return the downloads file to the WireShare settings folder. (Do not return the downloads file whilst WireShare is running.) This ensures all the download data is not lost & the need to start the downloads from scratch.

Thanks for replying! But I have another problem. When I download something, it says "Waiting..", and then it becomes stalled. How do I fix this?
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