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Originally Posted by wdc View Post
Replying regarding the issue of accidentally sharing sensitive files from Downloads folder, for example sensitive .pdf, .docx downloaded via web browser may be reduced like this:
1) changing description in Options / My Files / Configure (unsafe file sharing) by mentioning something like: Make sure that your Downloads folder is not common for other apps to store sensitive files like documents.
Not a bad idea.
Originally Posted by wdc View Post
2) disabling documents sharing for downloads folder permanently internally in app
Some persons purposely share certain types of documents. This may also include pdfs or MS Word docs. This might include non-copyright ebooks or 'how to' docs. h4x5h17 points this out in their post of

There is a safe sharing option listed under 'programs':
WireShare  (formerly entitled LimeWire Pirate Edition)-option-enabledisable-doc-sharing.png (Edit) (An option we agreed should be incorporated. It's just not as obvious as it should be when listed under programs.)

Originally Posted by wdc View Post
3) set default downloads folder to ~/Downloads/WireShare/ because i think for Linux user it is more convenient location he may not want to change as much as current ~/WireShare/Saved/
I did not necessarily agree with the original download location design which went through some kind of name changes within the LW 4 sub-versions. But on the other hand, you need to differentiate between downloads/saved and incomplete folders & the present system does that but within the WireShare parent folder.

I personally used customized locations and folder titles. (1) A different hard disk drive with different downloads folder title. (2) Video and audio file downloads are each sent to different folders. This makes it much easier to find particular download types. Many years ago I even had them sent to different hard disk drives.
But that is a customized approach and nothing to do with the defaults.
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