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Way to check is to ban the newer ones, then go to Settings > Advanced > Filtering & see what difference there might be.

Do you utilize the security Hostiles file? If not, this might be why you are seeing unfriendly hosts (potentially BOTs.) Security Hostiles can be set in Settings > Advanced > System > Security Level.

I would personally recommend the Light Security. (The Strong Security aka Hostiles Full, is somewhat outdated and over-sized ~ with blocks from 10+ years ago.)

As for ban host (from search results):
How to remove users (using WireShare)-ban-host-wshr.png

Edit: Private Message me: Would it be possible to copy-paste the ip addresses you banned into a text document and then paste into a Private Message to send to me? Also explain more specifically the reasons you wanted to ban them. I can check what hosts they might be.

In search results there can be Spam-BOTs, but there can also be undesired sources such as advertisers of porn sites, other forms of advertisers, or hosts that share undesirable material.

To send me a private message, click my username at top of my post and choose Send a Private Message to (my username.)
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