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Originally posted by Paradog
maybe it was a bad comparison - but i think the main idea of gnutella is the same. look at the stats on
There are about 239996 hosts but only 25000 hosts accepting connections. Why the hell that?
Because many ppl dont understand the idea of P2P filesharing.
Sooner or later the network will die out if we dont force the ppl to share (for example prevent user to shut off upload or kicking out freeloaders from the network.). But these methods are quite Stasi again
Being behind a firewall doesn't prevent user from sharing. Firewalled users can share just like non-firewalled users. The only drawback is that firewalled users can upload only to non-firewalled users. And, vice versa, firewalled users can download only from non-firewalled users.

So, being behind a firewall doesn't mean that user is a freeloader. What I've followed my client's hosts page, least 75% of users are sharing files. I thing this is because most clients will share the download directory as default.
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