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Default Re: WSPWSP.DLL error in startup


[Getting WSPWSP.dll error message - stack error]
I believe that your Winsock Proxy service coughed a little bit. I am not sure whether this helps you or not, but perhaps you may get an update at: []

[Also while I'm at it - what is the best alternative to Napster (which is no longer an alternative)?]

Uh oh - I like easy questions, so why don't you post one :-)? I am biased, for I like the freedom and equality of gnutella net. I suggest you use Gnucleus, a very promising open source servent - but ask other people too, for this is my personal favourite only.

Hmm.... try WinMX, or Audiogalaxy*, or..... there are plenty of.


*As far as I know it delivers some spyware called webhancer, so get ad-aware at to get rid of it.
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