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Unhappy What's worse than "freeloading"?

OK, so I'm brand new but I have a couple of observations. Only about one in twenty of my search hits actually yield a connection. That's even when I only try hits with Server "Available" and Web "On". But what's worse are the download speeds once I do get connected. Even limiting my search to ISDN or better I get estimated download times of 2400 hours, 3600 hours?!? Three to five months for a download? Incredible! I left the connections on for a couple of days to see if the speeds would change. Nope. They kept blazing along at a reliable 44 bps. It wasn't my bandwidth (DSL), computer, or client software; some files downloaded like gangbusters.
Now maybe Gnotella was never intended for movie-sized files, but there isn't anything that I can see that would prevent it from working, given the proper configuration. I mean does it make any sense to "share" a 700 MB file and then limit your upload speeds and/or allow so many simultaneous uploads that no one can actually download it? Do the people "sharing" these files really believe that they are performing a service for others? Or are they really machines supplied by the motion picture industry set up to clog the network with frustration?
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