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Default Re: Right Vinnie...

Originally posted by SRL
What next, is he going to complain that the other clients don't include spyware too?
Heh you got a chuckle out of me...

This is especially funny because in my experience, past versions of BearShare strongly preferred to connect only to its own kind (although happily downloading from anyone).
Now you're going off base. There was one version released which had a preference only for outgoing, Auto connections to other BearShare servents. Incoming connections were never refused or dropped. This was certainly a mistake and thats why it was removed.

Vinnie insists he took this out many versions ago, but in testing I could still see it happening. Once BS connects to a few of its own kind, other clients will have a *very* hard time. Whether this is intentional or just do to some socket handling problem I don't know.
Now you're trolling - this was removed and it never came back in any way shape or form.

Still, as Vinnie refused to accept that it could be happening in the first place, I somehow doubt it.
No, and if you look in the revision history you can see not only when I added it, but also when I removed it.

Reall this is almost as funny as when Vinnie was talking about how some "poorly written" client was flooding the network only to later discover it was his own program screwing up the search TTL!
Now THATS funny! Hey we live and learn.
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