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Default options for freeloading preventation?

an option to discriminate requests for uploads based on version number , type etc. ( i.e. allow only limewire pro users to upload, or based the most recent version of limewire).

an option that limits the amount of downloaded files to equal the amount of uploaded files.

I am thinking of these options so that I don't have to worry about exceeding my upload quota.
(5GB month, 7.95 C$ per GB over)

Basically I believe that if I left Limewire on (or whenever I am on the internet) that I would exceed my limit. (right now I am sharing 346 files, and between 10pm and 1:00am june 2,2002 I have transmitted appox 100MB and Received 15MB ) with an upload rate of about 15KB/s. )

I think restricting access to files is wrong, because I don't own the files, but I dont want to have to pay for excess bandwidth charges.

(of course if I am charged for Excess bandwidth, Limewire is probably going to get the blame and then guess what ... instant freeloader, (no uploads, or sharing files that are not wanted, with the shared files moved to another directory.)

I bought limewire pro (as soon as I saw that I would have to look at ads and have my internet usage monitored)

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