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Whew i havent laughed that hard for a while..

I hope Limewire does block ALL connections from Bearshare because around 70%(very conserative estimate most likely higher) of ALL people on Gnutella use Bearshare. So go ahead block Bearshare lol theyll just shoot themselves in the foot.

Anyways The Limewire thing isnt kewl because it puts there users at a advantage by offering them more content without allowing the user to see what the user on the other side is using. It discourages users from other programs from downloading off their users. Which is counter productive and isnt a good for the network.

As for taking over gnutella some people here are really really stupid not to figure out why that would be a horrible thing to do. If someone took over gnet then that would create a centrali structe for people like the RIAA and MPAA to sue. So unless you want huge legal problems and to wrangle with multibillion dollar corporations no one is going to take over the network.

And another thing there is a way to make your opinions be herd without being obscene, or making a *** of yourself. If anyone here wants to get any higher than flipping bugers i suggest you learn how to respect people even though you may not agree with there actions.

what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty...
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