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[can i setup a gnutella server and have my friends add it to thier list of known nodes? or is there not a specific gnutella server?


[specific gnutella server]:
a specific gnutella server does not exist; do not confuse this with 'ip providing' servers for starting ip adresses. These are servers which 'harvest' ip adresses from gnutella net from time to time to provide entering people with convenient starting points* - but no more. They do not prcess or transmit queries. So in this sense you can not set up a server, not unless you are willing to invest a lot of time and ressources, I mean.

Maybe there is a little misconception: In gnutella you are both client and server, hence the name servent (SERVer and cliENT). In this sense you are putting up your own server each time you start your gnutella servent.
In most people's internet access their dial-in ip will be not the same, so if you do not have an assigned ip you have to tell your friend your new ip each time you are logging in, though.


*I am always quick in forgetting their names - look to your servent while starting
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