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Originally posted by cloudwatcher

Well when I started this thread I thought I might be seeing evidence of Gnutella virus, but then when I found out what it really was, I called it a Gnutella spam. You said it's "not a Gnutella anything" and "please don't think of these things as of the Gnutella Network".

That's what I disagree with. This is a new kind of spam (or spam-like activity) that is ONLY spread via the Gnutella network and couldn't exist WITHOUT the Gnutella network.
What he meant by that was these people are also spamming other networks (FastTrack, WinMX, eDonkey, etc.) so it's not ONLY on Gnutella, and this is true. I don't think they use the same tactics on the other networks(they migh, I rarely use the other networks anymore), but they still spam them.
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