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Originally posted by Taliban
No uploads? - If that's true I'll be blocking that one as well as Qtrax.
Don't understand why, but after having Shareaza running for about one hour, the uploads started - and they haven't stopped since then - it is working similar to Gnucleus for me in regards to uploads...... non-stop!
It's definitely no leech!
I think it's an Australian effort but with the site in Canada?
(Maybe to reduce ping time problems for the mass of users?)
Anyway, it sure is an interesting client..... still learning how to drive it!
Was there no pre-warning or notice that this was coming?

There are many things to like about it..... must be something wrong somewhere, hmmmmmm?
Also note that there seems to be, in the hours I have been able to observe, a very much more general spread of connects to different clients..... no clustering or grouping! Nice.
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