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Originally posted by Ursula
As usual for your posts, Mr. 64.24.x.x.x , you believe you have made some great point when in fact you are only displaying your arrogant ignorance. Let's see your evidence which you have personally collected and which you use to justify your comments here.
Ursula, the God of this forum. What the hell was so wrong with my opinion of this client?
It's very obvious that it spams the network with more queries to get it's results. How else can it do this? Magic?
It's obvious to me, but since you are a "big wig" here, you should spend your time monitoring it to see how it gets these "great" results. I have better things to do and have done this way too many times to want to do it again, and no one cares anyway when you find this out because they all "just want their files".
So this time, you do it and let me know if anyone cares.
Yes you like this client, and now you won't let others post their opinion?
By the way, you are the one who is more anonymous here, I have no idea who or why they gave you moderator status, or who you are, or what your IP is but yet you get to know everything about everyone else here.
Power corrupts. I can't call you any names like you call me because you have the delete button, must be nice.
Also, where do we draw the line? What is too negative? Will you delete any post that has a strong opinion that isn't along the lines with yours?

Name calling, and personal attacks like the one you just made against me should not be tolerated. Strong opinions? That's just life. This thread is now logged, even if you edit it, there is a original.

By the way, a IP address only has FOUR numbers in it.
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