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Originally posted by Morgwen
We have more than ONE moderator here... we all talk about what to delete and what not - and we NEVER will delete OPINIONS!
Thanks Morgwen, you are one of the more level headed moderators here.
The name calling is the "arrogant ignorance" part, which is uncalled for because I have done the research on other clients before and have seen this already, so my comment was based on actual monitoring experience with previous clients. I know what I am talking about, just because I am not "registered" doesn't mean I don't know what I am talking about.
I don't think registering and adding a "title" to a made up screen name makes me any more experienced.
My experience and knowledge may cause some arrogance. And my frustration with all this probably causes some negativity to come out since no one seems to care about anything but how many search results come back to guage a client's abilities.

Also, I know I am not "anon" to the moderators, it says "logged" to the right of each message. I am not blind. However, having a strong opinion, a negative one, or even one that a moderator doesn't like is not a violation of the forum rules is it?
And now moderators are "tracking" users? What's that about?
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