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Listen up, 64.24.x.x.x

Have you actually run Shareaza for any sufficient hours to make your comments?
I have.
I am far more than merely capable to casually observe the behaviour of this client...
I await your experienced opinion.
It is well-behaved and well thought out......
I think it is a real 'threat' to some of the established clients.....
Try it for a day or more and then make comment... not suppositions.

You have made comments which are nothing above knee-jerk reactions... Don't get me wrong, I am more than capable of behaving the same way, but this is a semi-public place and there must be some degree of responsibility shown towards others.
This is why your IP is most definitely on the siren-call list for now.
Hopefully you will like to remove it by simply being polite with others and perhaps, on a more personal note, counting to 10.000 before you post

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