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Originally posted by Ursula

Listen UP Mr 64.24.x.x.x

You are really going to have to stop trolling round to spread your negativity... Next time I see an empty post from you equal to this one, zap
Got it?
You are either going to stop with your constant and meaningless negativity or you are going to see your posts disappear real fast.
Got it?
As said before, you have NOT evaluated this client and many people here are sick and tired of your garbage posts which contribute nothing to these forums.
I did say 'please' to you to stop your foolishness. You get only one of those. From this post on, if you choose to continue with nothing but attacks and diatribes, you will be deleted.
Up to you.
These forums MUST be able to support open discussion about all Gnutella clients.......
This does not include your 'arrogant stupidities and childish ego displays'.

The comments made by the OTHER unregistered poster are with merit. It, Shareaza, is, as far as anyone can determine to date, a really wonderful piece of work.

Now, if you do not have a client of your own making to share with all of us, shut up.
Those seem to be legitimate questions and I don't here any negativity coming from it. While this unregistered user has been a pain in the a** sometimes, it seems you are starting a personal little war against him. Perhaps you should let another mod step in.
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