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Originally posted by tshdos

Those seem to be legitimate questions and I don't here any negativity coming from it. While this unregistered user has been a pain in the a** sometimes, it seems you are starting a personal little war against him. Perhaps you should let another mod step in.
OK, point taken from you.
I would say that I see all of the posts from this individual in the normal course of doing the mods job, and there is a 100% consistency of negativity and innuendo and simple unfounded attacks included in all of his posts.
It has been suggested that this particular unregistered poster may possess some knowledge in regards these subjects discussed here...... If this is so, than I would hope to see the fruits of his knowledge made available to some here who may benefit. I wish to see the fruits of his automatic negative reactions limited. They are harmful to the well-being of the majority of Gnutella network client users and to those who genuinely seek assistance or a sounding-board within these forums.
I very much support his potential as a possible "devil's advocate" here, but, with polite behaviour and far more than a routine, "You are an idiot and do not know what you are talking about..." attitude... He has already tried to pull this off with people who are well established within the Gnutella community, and failed...... I think it is important that he stop this behaviour with everyone here.
A troll is a troll, no matter what level of technical prowess the troll may possess. Trolling is trolling.

It would be very nice to see him become a part of the 'solution' around here, hmmm?
It is not difficult to do this..... All you need to do is have the memory and integrity to admit that only a short while ago you knew nothing.... and, in the future, you will always be a newbie with something.... Everything, actually
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