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Originally posted by Morgwen
I hope this client doesn´t send agressive queries like Qtrax (I read something like this!)... we will see what our experts will discover!

Morgwen, check out all of the settings and observe how it handles re-queries.
It is, I see so far, a well behaved client... As I have mentioned before, it is almost too good to be true, so I can understand the scepticism that others may show for it......
But, I will NOT except unfounded and unproven negative comments which blast away at another client, no matter what or whom that client may be.
Gnutella Network is about development and it is foolish in the extreme to permit unwarranted attacks on new clients based solely on supposition and no adequate observed evidence.

If this particular unregisterd 'braiser' wishes to carry on his crusade, there are several established clients which are ripe for the 'roasting'.
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