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Originally posted by ursula
But, I will NOT except unfounded and unproven negative comments which blast away at another client, no matter what or whom that client may be.
Gnutella Network is about development and it is foolish in the extreme to permit unwarranted attacks on new clients based solely on supposition and no adequate observed evidence.
And that is your opinion, and a strong one at that, but being a moderator doesn't give you the right to attack my opinion using your "powers" to edit and even delete my posts.
Then you threaten me with some sort of "watch list"? Your power has corrupted you, and should be taken away.
You have only been here (by your registration) a month now, what gives you the right and the knowledge to say I don't know from experience that something's wrong here.
It was a simple comment and you blew up.
I still think your comments are "unfounded and unproven" simple, non technical observations that this client doesn't spam the network to get it's magical results.
Have you monitored packets? Do you even know how to do that? I am not going to do it for you, I would have gotten to it, but not now.
"this is a semi-public place and there must be some degree of responsibility shown towards others."
How about some responsibility shown by people who are given "super moderator" status?
I have not broken any forum rules here, are there any for moderators?

"there are several established clients which are ripe for the 'roasting'" another threat? What is this about?
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