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Default A different view

I'd like the app to WORK--1. When I click outside the app, it crashes every time--no matter what you say--it STILL does. 2. For every other app I've ever seen, when you put something in quotes, it searches for the exact words--except for Limewire--it searches for something that contains one or more of the words. 3. The highly-praised new feature that does a future search for something follows the same twisted logic as #2, above. It downloads anything that con tains one or more of the words in quotes--when you are searching for a song title of, let's say" "the street where you live", it might download a song with the word "street", "live". "where" or "you" in it, etc. This is not very helpful. 4. Partially down-loaded files do not continue to download after the app is closed--about half the time.

So, I don't want anything fancy in your next upgrade, I'd just like the features you already have to work properly.
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